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The Animal Emergency Centre Woolloongabba is your local after-hours pet emergency and critical care facility, providing dedicated support when your regular vet is closed.

Our expert team is available 24/7, including weekends and public holidays, to offer high-quality emergency vet care for your pet. Conveniently located alongside Greencross Vets Woolloongabba, our well-equipped center ensures we can handle any crisis your pet may face.

Rest assured, our qualified experts have seen and dealt with it all, guaranteeing the best possible care for your beloved companion. Trust us to be there when you need us the most.


Emergency and Critical Care

(07) 3456 0500

If you have an emergency or are worried about your pet’s health please get in contact and we can help assess the need for emergency treatment.

You don’t need a referral or appointment to attend the hospital in an emergency.

Our emergency and critical care services include: 

  • 3 state of the art surgical theatres
  • A purpose-built ICU ward
  • The latest diagnostic imaging and radiology equipment including CT Scan (recently upgraded), X-ray, Endoscopy and Ultrasound   
  • In house laboratory


Blood Donor Program

You may not have ever thought about it, but just like humans, some sick pets need blood transfusions too.

Some accidents and illnesses cause such catastrophic blood loss that we need to supplement their own blood with a donation of blood from another dog. These donations are often life-saving and recipients go on to make a full recovery, thanks to the blood donation.

Not all dogs are appropriate for blood donations, though, as we need to ensure the health of the donor is not compromised by participating.


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AEC Vet Services & Facilities

The Animal Emergency Centre seamlessly extends the services offered by your regular veterinarian, ensuring your pet receives top-tier care. Our facility encompasses a state-of-the-art emergency and critical care unit staffed by experienced veterinarians and nurses.

We maintain an intensive care unit for precise monitoring and care. Additionally, we boast advanced diagnostic tools, including X-ray, ultrasound, and endoscopy, for accurate assessments. Our comprehensive range includes blood pressure and respiratory monitoring, a well-equipped pharmacy, and efficient lab services. Furthermore, we offer isolation rooms for contagious cases.

At the Animal Emergency Centre, we are fully equipped and dedicated to your pet's well-being in moments of crisis.

In our reception area, we strive to create a welcoming environment that prioritizes both the comfort of our clients and the well-being of your pets. To do so, we have:

  • A Dedicated concierge team, seperate from our phones room to give you and your pet their undivided attention
  • A Complimetary refreshment station 
  • A Dedicated feline waiting area

We strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly customer care team for anything you or your pet might need during your visit. 

Our clinic has 10 individual consult rooms including 2 dedicated cat rooms. 


Our consultation rooms are designed to be a simple and unintimidating environment. They are used for initial assessment of less critical patients and discussion with owners, prior to admitting animals for treatment.


More critical cases will be transferred directly to the treatment area upon arrival.

We have three dedicated surgical suites in our hospital. 


Our surgery suite is equipped with state of the art anaesthetic machines complete with full monitoring equipment (including blood pressure, SpO2, PCO2, Body Temperature, E.C.G.), heating facilities, suction machines and more.

At AEC, our hospitalization services are tailored to provide the highest level of care and comfort for your beloved pets during their recovery. Our dedicated team of veterinary professionals and support staff ensures 24/7 monitoring, administering medications, and offering compassionate attention to your furry companions. Our well-equipped hospitalization wards are designed to accommodate various medical conditions, from post-surgical recovery to intensive treatments.


We prioritize open communication with pet owners, providing regular updates on their pet's progress and addressing any concerns. Trust us to deliver exceptional care and a nurturing environment that promotes healing and a swift return to health for your cherished pets. Your pet's well-being is our top priority.

Our Intensive Care Unit contains sophisticated monitoring and diagnostic equipment to look after the most critical of our patients.


Our ICU is staffed by a highly skilled team of veterinarians and experienced technicians,  and is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and advanced medical technology, we provide round-the-clock care, closely monitoring vital signs, administering specialized treatments, and ensuring rapid response to emergencies.

Our veterinary clinic boasts comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, featuring cutting-edge equipment for conducting complete blood profiles, clotting assessments, microscopy, urinalysis, blood gas analysis, electrolyte measurement, and thorough hematology evaluations.


With our state-of-the-art technology and highly trained staff, we can swiftly generate results, often within mere minutes. This expedited process not only facilitates rapid diagnoses but also ensures precise and effective treatment plans for your pet.

Our clinic is equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging technology, including X-ray machines with automatic processing and developing capabilities, a state-of-the-art CT scanner, and comprehensive ultrasound services.


These cutting-edge tools allow us to capture detailed images of your pet's internal structures swiftly and with exceptional precision. Whether it's investigating bone fractures, identifying soft tissue abnormalities, or conducting comprehensive health assessments, our imaging equipment ensures accurate and efficient diagnoses.


We are committed to staying at the forefront of veterinary care by investing in these advanced technologies, enabling us to provide the best possible medical attention and treatment for your beloved animals.

In our clinic, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of emergency medications, ensuring that we are fully prepared to address a wide spectrum of critical situations.


Our stock includes essential supplies like blood transfusion products, vital for addressing severe trauma or certain medical conditions.


Additionally, we stock antiserums specifically designed to counteract the effects of snake bites and paralysis ticks, both common and potentially life-threatening issues for pets. Our commitment to having these life-saving resources readily available underscores our dedication to delivering swift and effective emergency care, providing your beloved pets with the best chance of recovery in times of crisis.





AEC Costs, Payments & Insurance

The AEC gladly accepts a wide range of payment methods, such as cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. However, it's important to note that we cannot process payments through Diners Club Card or accept cheque payments. To ensure a smooth process, we kindly request that all accounts be settled upon the discharge of your pet.

For our hospitalised patients, a deposit amounting to at least 50% of the estimated cost is necessary before admission. For extended stays beyond 24 hours, additional deposits may be required. We'd like to emphasize that unlike certain human emergency services, the AEC does not receive any government subsidies. Our clinics rely solely on self-generated income, and therefore, our fees are thoughtfully structured to guarantee that we can maintain all essential resources for your beloved animal companions.

AEC reccomends pet insurance for all pets. However, the decision of whether pet insurance is worth it depends on various factors, including your individual circumstances and your pet's health. Pet insurance can provide peace of mind by helping to cover unexpected veterinary bills, which can be substantial. This is particularly valuable for those who own breeds prone to genetic or hereditary conditions or have pets with pre-existing health issues.


However, it's essential to carefully review the policy terms, including coverage limits, waiting periods, and exclusions, as they can vary significantly among providers. Additionally, if you have a healthy and relatively low-maintenance pet, you may find that the cost of insurance premiums over time exceeds what you would pay out of pocket for routine care.


Ultimately, the decision should be based on your pet's unique needs, your financial situation, and your tolerance for risk, making it important to assess your options and select a policy that aligns with your priorities and budget.

Our team will discuss any costs with you before treatment takes place unless it is an emergency situation. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and costs can potentially increase due to unexpected patient complications and prolonged hospital stays.

AEC requires at least 50% of the treatment estimate to be paid prior to the start of treatment with the account to be finalised at the time of your pet’s discharge. We may ask for a progress payment during your pet’s stay in hospital.

Please see the customer care team after each appointment to finalise your account. AEC accepts cash, eftpos and credit cards.

We also offer multiple payment plan options including Zip pay, Vetpay and we can now process a gap only claim or pre approvals with your insurance. Please speak with our friendly customer care team to find out more information. 



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